How To Find Time to Exercise

9 Fitness Tips for the Extra Busy Parents

Finding it difficult to fit in any exercise and maintain a level of fitness? You’re not alone…

Many parents devote the majority of their time, energy and resources into their kids. One of the most common excuses for skipping a workout is “oh I simply ran out of time”. Find time to exercise with these simple and effective tips.

School preparations, sport training and getting food on the table, How do I fit it all in you might ask.

While it can be difficult there are strategies to ensure you hit your fitness goals, while tending to all the kid’s needs.

Find A Fitness Friend

Bouncing off a friend and getting each other out of bed every morning can give you the kick up the backside you need. Pushing one another towards an eventual goal, perhaps you have both decided on. Devise a training plan which both motivates and inspires you.

Combine Playtime (kids time) & Exercise

Sitting there twiddling your thumbs while the kids have their fun on the playground? Make the most of every opportunity, throw on some active wear and look for anything you can use to complete some exercises – Park benches, monkey bars or even soft, dry ground.

Literally Run Errands

While modern technology makes our lives easier, it can often be a bit of a curse. Rather than hopping in the car every chance you get, try and walk or ride a bike to complete your errands. Consider a general rule – If it’s under 2km avoid the car! 2km usually takes around 20 minutes to walk and burns around 200 calories.

Schedule Consistent Work Out Times

Schedule your workouts just as you would any other appointment and don’t miss unless you absolutely have to! The goal is to hold yourself accountable and provide you with a solidified time to add to your calendar. A routine helps get rid of those bad habits and eliminates the guess work.

When The Kids Are In Bed, Put Your Time To Good Use

The kids are tucked in; the day is winding down and usually so are you… Well this can still be the case, but with a slight tweak. So you’re sitting on the couch, cup of tea in hand watching your favourite Netflix series, let’s change things up a little. Chair dips, sit ups, planks, Russian twists and hip raises are just some examples of exercises you can do while watching TV.

High Intensity Interval Training

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or just improve functional fitness, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) serves a purpose for everyone. Studies have consistently shown that HIIT reduces body fat and increases muscle mass. But the best part? Most people can achieve results using HIIT 20 minutes, 3 times a week. That is 1 hour of work per week, for ultimate results – A no brainer right?

Find Something You Love

Chances are at some stage during your fitness kick; those motivation levels will begin to fade. Finding exercise that you love will enable you to keep your goal in sight. If running isn’t your thing find an alternative that raises the heart rate. Boxing and cycling are activities which many enjoy. Boxing works a lot like HIIT, by burning fat and increasing muscle mass.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Ever find yourself with 15 minutes to kill? Waiting to pick the kids up from school perhaps? Instead of scrolling through Facebook, get out the car, stretch the legs and if you’re comfortable this is the perfect time to go through some body weight exercises! Turn a blank 15 minutes into a useful 15 minutes with this easy workout.

Run While They Sleep

The beauty of multitasking with a jogger stroller – Assuming the kids are still young enough a jogger stroller can be a busy parent’s best friend. The trick is to get the kids to settle. Try the art of distraction by doing something out of the ordinary, while you get your child settled into the stroller. For example pull a series of funny faces! Offer treats or toys and make rules that give the whole ordeal a fun vibe. We are trying to outrun the bad guys!

Find Time To Exercise. Whenever & Wherever!

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