Treat yourself to better health.

What We Treat

At Point Cook Physical, we offer patient-centred care through a range of services including physiotherapy, osteopathy, remedial massage and psychology. Our experienced team of allied health practitioners is dedicated to treating a variety of conditions and helping clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing, including the following conditions:
Mental Health Point Cook Physical

Mental Health

Let’s treat your mental health concerns, how you feel is not just about the body.

head Point Cook Physical

Headaches & Migraines

Let’s treat your headaches & migraines, finding the cause of your headache.

Jaw 1 Point Cook Physical

TMJ Pain

Let’s treat your TMJ pain. Increase stability and improve your jaw alignment.

neck 2 Point Cook Physical

Neck Pain

Let’s treat your neck pain. Improve your stability and head movements.

back 1 Point Cook Physical

Back Pain

Let’s treat your back pain. 90% of back pain cases are resolved within 6 weeks.

Elbow 1 Point Cook Physical

Elbow Pain

Let us treat your elbow problems. Find out what causes elbow pain.

hips 1 Point Cook Physical

Hip Pain

Treat your hip pain, do not endure it. Let us help you prevent it in the future. 

knee 1 Point Cook Physical

Knee Pain

Let’s treat your knee problem. Move and feel better without that knee problem.

Foot and Ankle Point Cook Physical

Ankle & Foot Pain

Let’s treat your ankle & foot pain. Improve your mobility and balance.

Injury Point Cook Physical

Sports Injuries

Let’s treat your sports injuries. Continue enjoying your favorite sports.