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Elbow Pain Treatment

At Point Cook Physical clinic, we understand the impact that elbow pain can have on your daily life and activities. Our Elbow Pain treatment services are tailored to target the underlying causes of your discomfort, offering effective solutions to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall elbow function.

Let's treat your Elbow Problems

So what causes Elbow problems?

Your elbow is a joint formed where three bones come together – your upper arm bone, called the humerus and the ulna and radius, the two bones that make up your forearm. The forearm muscles that bend the wrist back are attached and connected by a single tendon. Tendons connect muscles to bone. The continuous pull on these muscles and tendons causes general wear and tear.

The most common problems that arise around the elbow are tennis elbow and golfers elbow. Funnily enough, rarely do the people that suffer from these problems play golf or tennis. Arthritis is another common problem around the elbow and can often result in the inability to be able to straighten the arm due to pain or a joint restriction. The following activities can often bring on elbow pain:

Overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm and elbow are the most common reason people develop elbow pain. 

Some general causes include:

  • Lack of strength in the forearm muscles
  • Instability of the elbow joint
  • Poor technique during sport
  • Sporting equipment not suited to the individual, for example a golf club too heavy for the person using it
  • Tedious and repetitive movements of the hands and arms
  • Incorrect or improper lifting technique

At Point Cook Physical, our welcoming environment and friendly staff are willing to assist and listen to whatever concerns you may have in regards to elbow pain treatment. Make a booking with one of our qualified physiotherapy experts to help you with your pain today, and before your condition may worsen over time.

  • Gradually worsening pain on the bony part of the Elbow
  • Pain extending from the outside of the elbow down to the forearm and wrist
  • A weakened grip
  • Squeezing an object such as a stress ball may feel difficult
  • Pain lifting or even opening jars

Our Strategy

Point Cook Physical

Here's what to expect from an elbow pain treatment with us.

Here at Point Cook Physical, we believe in providing a thorough and comprehensive assessment at the start of each new session. Our practitioners will then develop a safe, bespoke and effective treatment plan that’s specifically tailored to your needs, goals and lifestyle. Through a variety of exercise routines and relaxation techniques, our aim is to:

Elbow Pain Treatment is a drug-free and surgery-free path to relieve you from your aches and pains, help you recover from illness and stay healthy.

Start your journey to move and feel better.