One small decision to reach out for help can give many benefits

One small decision to reach out for help can give many benefits

“I feel Stuck. Anxious. Flat. Depressed. Upset. Angry. Emotional. Sad. I can’t seem to fix this feeling. I think I need some help and I don’t know what to do.”

Maybe it’s cultural, but if you bring up one of those weighty words in conversation you may suddenly notice a change in flow. The other person starts to squirm, is looking at their phone, trying to run off to their next appointment or suddenly has an urge to want to talk about the weather.

However, throw in the phrase “I feel discombobulated” into a conversation and I guarantee that it will draw people in, and they will at the very least want to know what you mean. Now you have an opportunity to broaden your conversation by explaining to them how you are feeling and what that word means for you.

Discombobulated is a useful word that simply means confused, disconcerted, out of sorts.

It’s a word that in my mind doesn’t seem to have too much baggage associated with it.  Maybe now you can approach what is bothering you in a less weighty way and by making one small decision to seek help, you’ll find some support.

A registered professional counsellor is someone who has skills for listening and can help you find a fresh perspective with what you are struggling with. Professional counselling works best when an effective working relationship is established, a collaboration between you and the counsellor to achieve your goal and improve your situation. The counsellor can help you asses your options, build on your strengths, clarify your goals and support you to develop the skills you need to live the life that is worth living now and into the future.

Counselling can assist in dealing with the following concerns:

  • Burnout and fatigue
  • Feeling a lack of engagement with life, lacking direction or purpose
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Loneliness or feelings of isolation
  • Relationship issues (partner, family, friends)
  • Problems with changes in relationships
  • Workplace or employment changes and stress
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Financial stress

Your counsellor can support and assist you to:

  • Identify your strengths and capacities for dealing with your life’s challenges
  • Identify, prioritise and achieve your personal goals and let you live the life you want
  • Foster long lasting change in your life and relationships

The benefits of counselling may include:

  • Developing a change in your perspective
  • Finding new insights and new ways of thinking about yourself
  • Enhanced awareness of feelings in yourself & others
  • A greater degree of acceptance and compassion for yourself and other people in your life
  • An increased capacity to feel comfortable with uncomfortable thoughts and feeling
  • An ability to pause and make choices in line with your values and life direction
  • A greater engagement with your life

Counselling can assist you. By reaching out for help, we can work together to understand your concerns, improve your situation and to find hope for the future. Counselling can help you with your motivation and engagement, guide you, and help you find ways to look after and improve your overall wellbeing.

If you would like any further information on how we can help you, or for what to expect in a counselling session, please call Point Cook Physical on 9369 9766.

*Confidentiality is limited when there are risks to the safety of the client or others.

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