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Acupuncture at Point Cook Physical

When it comes to Acupuncture we don’t just treat your symptoms. We investigate the whole body by asking lots of questions and really getting to know you so you can feel your best. Modern Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture takes a holistic approach to understanding the body’s normal functioning and disease processing in order to bring about good health.

How does Acupuncture work?

The core essence of Chinese Medicine is based on Qi (pronounced chee) or life energy, which flows around the body along specific Channels or Meridians to maintain the balance and harmony required to have good health. When this Qi becomes blocked, insufficient or simply moves the wrong way it can upset this balance and result in pain, illness and disharmony.

An Acupuncture treatment therefore involves the insertion of fine sterile needles into specific points along these Meridians in order to restore the balance, clear blockages and promote the proper flow of Qi throughout the body.

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Will Acupuncture hurt?

It is very common for people to have a phobia of needles. This is completely understandable; the aim of Acupuncture is not to be painful! You may feel a slight prick as the needle is precisely inserted into the body as well as a range of sensations such as a dull ache, tingling, heavy sensations or intense relaxation! It should not be terribly painful or uncomfortable.

Can I have Acupuncture if I am pregnant?

YES! Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for parents to be but sometimes the journey is not so pleasant! Acupuncture may be able to help pregnant women with pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains, nausea and vomiting whilst you are growing your beautiful bundle of joy.

What to expect from an acupuncture appointment at Point Cook Physical

We talk A LOT! You will be asked many questions with regards to your health; past and present. No amount of detail is too little or insignificant. That’s what makes us different. Your therapist will spend a long time discussing your concerns and devising treatment plans that best suit your needs and lifestyle. If you have had any blood tests done, please bring them with you or request that a copy be sent to us directly.

Like all forms of medicine, we all respond differently, some fast, some slow and some not at all. Each treatment is tailored to you according to what you are coming for. Our goal is to help you feel better as fast as possible, keep you feeling well for as long as possible and aims for you to eventually maintain your health rather than having to react to it.

A treatment will involve the use of Acupuncture and may also use any number of techniques that Chinese Medicine has to offer such as Moxibustion, Gua Sha, Cupping Therapy, infra-red heat therapy or Massage Therapy.



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