Lucas Smith

“Osteopaths are mechanics for your body. We won’t just give you a wheel alignment. We’ll find out why the wheels went out of alignment in the first place.”

Lucas has his brother to thank for his chosen career path into Osteopathy. As a teenager, he tagged along with his brother to an information session and fell in love with the principals of Osteopathy, as well as the features of the human body. Right there, he had his light-bulb moment, and his path was set.

As a strong contender in Brazilian JuJutsu competitions, both locally and internationally, Lucas understands the importance of treating injury in a holistic way, and through his own training requirements, has a good grasp on the importance of nutrition also.

Travel and music interest Lucas outside of work and the gym, and he was once a keen saxophonist. These days the saxophone doesn’t get played very often, however his love of music lives on with his keen interest in musical theatre. He also loves a good burger.

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