Brad believes that we all come equipped to live a life that is challenging, rewarding and fulfilling while being aligned to our values. Sometimes, however, there will be challenges that feel beyond us. It is these times we could use a little more support or the perspective of another person to allow us to get back on track.

Brad also feels that anyone seeking support to help them change and grow requires a unique approach to each individual. They should be able to receive what works for them, for as long as they need it, without judgement or a label, shame or social stigma.

After an exciting and eventful life journey, Brad finally took the plunge to focus on his lifelong interest of helping others. He has already had several years’ experience in facilitating small group counselling and recently graduated from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Staying connected and grounded with who and what is important in his life is something Brad admits remains an on-going challenge. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life when away from work. He takes pleasure in watching his garden bloom, appreciates a good coffee, and above all treasures his time spent with his family.

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