Nidhi Sidhu

“Physiotherapy, to me, is all about advocating good posture. I believe in educating clients about keeping good posture, regular exercise and stretches”

Nidhi is driven by making a difference in her patient’s lives. She works hard to ensure they leave with a smile on their face. She has been fortunate to study and work in India, the USA and Australia and has gained valuable experience working with a variety of patients and treatment methods.

Now juggling her busy career with the demands of her young daughter, Nidhi likes to spend any spare time she has exercising at the gym or practising Indian Classical Dance, which she has spent many years training for.

Nidhi is always keen to expand her knowledge of the human body, movement, and injury, and will often be found reading books about these topics.  As a rare treat, she will put away the books, and sit down for some Thai food and a good horror movie.

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