Gabe Linger

“The goal of treatment is really to restore the bodies natural healing ability.”

Gabe has recently moved back to Australia after spending two years working as an Osteopath in Canada.

While abroad he completed the functional movement course at the Gray Institute in Michigan which enabled him to treat elite athletes from Curling to Ice hockey successfully. Gabe also spent time hiking and snowboarding as he has a great love for all outdoor and sporting activities. He is currently the head coach of a women’s Australian Rules side and implementing a revolutionary ACL prevention program.

Now back home in Australia, he is dedicated to working with patients to get them out of pain or help them move better.  He aims to assist and educate every single patient and wants to make a change in their lives. Outside of work, he will spend his time with family and friends, especially his niece and nephew, whom he has missed dearly since being away.

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