Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect At My First Visit?

We ask you to first fill in a patient information form and bring it to your first visit. One of our practitioners will then take a thorough history, followed by an extensive examination. Upon diagnosis, a suitable treatment for you is described, plus a simple management plan to best resolve your presenting health concern. We can video record exercises and movement for you to review later as your treatment progresses.

How Long Does A Treatment Last?

Most initial treatments last about 40 minutes, with a return visit approximately 20 minutes. This will depend on the severity of your condition and the length of your patient history.

What Do I Need To Wear?

No need to dress down to your underwear! Loose-fitting clothing is best, as we may need to move about. If you’re coming from work or forgot your trackies, we also have some pretty funny looking disposable shorts if you need them.

What Do I Need To Bring?

The more information you can bring at the first visit, the more insight we’ll have to approach your condition. Bring any previous scans relevant to your issue, any notes on surgery, documents relating to insurance claims, and anything else you think relevant.

I Don't Like People Touching Me. It's Embarrassing!

At Point Cook Physical, we understand that not everyone has experience with movement specialists. We approach every person and issue with kindness and understanding, and our clean, welcoming environment is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Not only does this put you at ease, we also strongly believe that supporting our patients with compassion enables a transformation that leads to wellbeing.

What Is The Difference Between An Osteo, Physio & Chiro?

An Osteopath will look at your whole body. They understand that your nagging neck pain may be coming from your hip, your knee problem, or maybe even your foot. Osteo treatment varies with every patient, but commonly involves some stretching and activities with hands-on guidance. They may also use manipulation and massage. Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation. They work to strengthen your body – particularly post-surgical, post-partem and elderly patients. Physios have a lot of treatments at their disposal including ultrasound, dry-needling, Pilates, and exercise rehabilitation. A Chiropractor is generally focused on the alignment of the spine, and will use manipulation or ‘cracking’ to help address such problems.

Do I Need A Referral?

You do not need a referral for any of the services at Point Cook Physical.

Can I Get Private Health Insurance?

Yes – we offer all private health insurance refunds. Our friendly, efficient receptionists take care of your payment and book further appointments if required. We also have a HICAPS machine for quick returns. If not satisfied with our service and approach, Point Cook Physical offers a 100% money back guarantee.